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Cleanliness is Godliness!

At our Super Specialty Dental Care Center, we follow strict sterilization protocols that are in accordance with international standards followed world wide.  WE REGARD HYGIENIC STANDARDS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. 


Our Sterilization practices starts with very basic and necessary requirements like:


A Gloves put on by our dentist come out of the glove dispenser, not off an unsterilized countertop.


B  Our Dentist touch the sterile instruments or your mouth, nothing else gets touched or if the dentist leaves the room, it’s time for a new pair of gloves.


C  Our Dentist absolutely change Gloves in between patients.


D  You will see a clean, uncluttered office which indicate how serious our dentist is about sterilization.


E  We sterilize our Office and Operatory floor regularly to keep hidden bacteria away.


F  Dental Instruments are sterilized in between each patient, including the dental drill.


G  Special containers for disposal of needles and sharp items. All disposable instruments/needles are used only once and new ones are used on the next patient.


Below are some of the major sterilization practices followed at our Super Specialty Dental Care Center:


Expensive surgical instruments are sterilized using a technique called autoclaving. This a high pressured steam chamber where is instruments are placed for a specified temperature to kill all the micro organisms


Those instruments which are autoclaved will pass through an ultrasound cleaning chamber for the minute debris to be cleaned by sound waves. The chamber contains a cleaning solution and specified cycles is very efficient for cleaning minute debris especially the drills used in implant surgery.


Dental instruments like endodontic files, reamers etc are sterilized by placing them in a container containing glass beads heated to approximately 225°C (437°F) for a defined period of time.


Dental instruments are sterilized and kept in safe and clean storage. Multiple instrument are kept and a fresh set is opened for EVERY PATIENT.


Such as disposable injections,sutures, gloves, mouth masks, cotton rolls, napkins etc., are used wherever possible.


Commonly touched areas are frequently cleaned with disinfectants to keep the area germ-free. Table tops, door handles, switches, water taps ECT are cleaned like this.


The new concept of sterilization system is lightweight transparent, corrosion proof and made from special grade of polymer. The process involves the use of formalin, which is vaporized into a formaldehyde gas that is admitted into the sterilization chamber.

We also ensure that the waste generated by our clinic is disposed in a manner to protect the concerned staff, society and environment.

If you have any query regarding Our Sterilization methods, please let our Dental Staff know about it. We will be very glad to answer your queries.



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